Lent & Holy Week Worship Schedule

Join us for worship in person or online this Lent & Easter Season. Lenten Midweek 7:00 PM services will be in person and online while the 1:00 PM services will […]

The Matter of Lent and Why It Matters

By Pr. Rich Futrell Such a strange time Lent can be.  For the non-Christian, all kinds of religious activities are taking place, which few can explain.  For Christians, unless they […]

It’s Not Either Or

This is our pastor’s article for the February edition of our congregational newsletter. The longer I’m a pastor, the more I find that what we bring to the table shapes […]

1 Peter 1:18-19: Christ Has Made You Without Blemish or Defect

We’ve all heard the term “spring cleaning.”  That’s when, often during spring, you take extra time to clean the house from winter’s buildup of dirt and dust.  Yes, all of […]

The Wound of Mockery: Matthew 27:27-31

They thought it was hysterical–this Galilean peasant pretending to be a king.  It made them laugh.  So, they decided to have some fun with His obvious delusion.  The soldiers began […]

The Wound of Denial: Matthew 26:69-75

Peter loved his Lord.  Peter boldly declared to Jesus, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16).  This was the Peter who, after Jesus said, “One […]

The Wound of Apathy: Matthew 26:36-45

Jesus did not want to be alone as He wrestled in prayer that night.  How often we forget that our blessed Lord was, and is, fully human!  He needed the […]

The Wound of Betrayal: Matthew 26:20-25

The “sore abuse and scorn” that scourged our Lord’s head “with anguish” (LSB 450:2) began long before the physical abuse.  It began with the actions of a friend, of one […]

Our Lenten Season Radio Ad

This is our latest Radio ad for the season fo Lent on KOMC, 100.1 FM in Branson.   Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church -Mid Lent Season 2012

Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:12-19

We heard it at the start of today’s liturgy: Dust you are, and to dust you will return.  The ashes, which give this day its name, have nothing to do […]