The Passion and the People: Judas

John 12:1, 3-6; Luke 22:2-6 Such a mystery is unbelief.  The unbelief of Judas goes deeper.  For Jesus calls him to be His disciple, and he follows.  One of the Twelve, the teachings of Jesus come to him firsthand.  Still, he betrays the Son of God and dies in despair, committing suicide.  Is Judas’ betrayal […]

The Wound of Betrayal: Matthew 26:20-25

The “sore abuse and scorn” that scourged our Lord’s head “with anguish” (LSB 450:2) began long before the physical abuse.  It began with the actions of a friend, of one whom He loved.  It began with a companion with whom He had traveled many miles and shared many meals. This was a wound that weighed […]