Romans 15:4-13: Our Hope in Daylight or Dark

  A winter’s night descends as a cloak, dark and brooding. So this season turns for one, two—or uncounted others! Don’t we lament loss in the ache of emptiness? Someone […]

Genesis 4:1-16: Whose Begetting What?

After giving birth to Cain, Eve lays her firstborn son to sleep. The mother of humanity experiences something new: the first blush of motherhood. Such joy as she breast-feeds Cain, […]

Deuteronomy 8:1-10: Thank God!

In the short creation account in the book of Job, the Almighty’s angels approached the brink of becoming breathless. The created magnificence captivated them. So moved, “the morning stars sang […]

John 8:31-36: Sweet is the Liberation Christ Gives

In fighting cadence, a magnificent military, an army, takes the field early on a summer day. The cavalry sat tall in their saddles, their regimental flags unfurling a rainbow of […]

Luke 18:1-8: The Persistent Widow

Every so often, you furrow your brow at the paper or glower at the television news. The police arrest an individual for a horrific offense. A jury soon convicts him. […]

2 Timothy 2:8-13: Remember Christ, Risen from Death

Scour what life experience teaches us. Do we not secure gnarled callouses, discovering ourselves never far estranged from life’s combat? Suppose someone grows in understanding from his vicious and searing […]

Habakkuk: I Yet Will Triumph in the Lord

  Oh, how we question God’s ways, assuming He’s forgotten us, wondering why things happen the way they do. Little does He stop the violent hurt of our day. The […]

Luke 16:19-31: Rich Man and Poor Man

  The Pharisees and scribes slander Jesus as they glance askew at Him embracing untouchables and eating with them. So, He speaks His parables: of sheep, coin, son, and manager, […]

Luke 16:1-15: The Cunning Estate Manager

Too well can money morph into a seductive false god, perched upon your slanted shoulders, confiding in your ear. “Listen to me. Only I’m able to ease your strife. Let […]

Luke 15:1-7: The Divine Shepherd Restores Lost Sheep to His Fold

Furious, unforgiving, and smitten into stone, the Pharisees rail against Jesus. “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” Such sufferings of unbelief as they moan and mutter over God’s […]