Rhythms of Grace: Dancing with God in Daily Life

By Pr. Rich Futrell In the beginning, God’s voice sang in symphony and crafted the cosmos. From the dust of the earth, He sculpted Adam, infusing him with the breath […]

The Vacant Tomb

By Pr. Rich Futrell The Solemn Journey Early Sunday morning, while dawn kissed the horizon with hues of gold and rose, three friends—Mary Magdalene, Mary (James’ mother), and Salome—gathered their […]

Lent & Holy Week Worship Schedule

Join us for worship in person or online this Lent & Easter Season. Lenten Midweek 7:00 PM services will be in person and online while the 1:00 PM services will […]

Philippians 1:12-13, 19-30: Suffering, Never Fun, but…

From many a pulpit, a twisted narrative too often resounds. Such preachers clamor to offer people the promise of easy success. How? By peddling God as someone who always rewards […]

Genesis 50:15-21: Forgiveness in Full

Step into an ancient saga woven in time. This tale, spun from the threads of envy and betrayal, centers on Joseph, the favored son, and his older siblings. A colorful […]

Romans 13:1-10: God and Government

God erupted with a thunderous roar and cleaved the Red Sea. Fish and seaweed scattered, with the Egyptians trapped in the raging waters. So, God annihilated the enemy chasing after […]

Celebrating 50 Years

  In 1973, Richard Nixon embarked on his second presidential term, only to be tangled in a web of scandal. Weary of war, our last troops came home from Vietnam, […]

Jesus: King, Commander, and Redeemer

Consider, “Who is your God?” This differs from the abstract “Who is God?” Well, doesn’t the capacity to comprehend God transcend our meager knowledge? So how can we answer this […]

Isaiah 55:10-13: Home, Sweet Home!

Growing up nestled in the embrace of a nurturing home leaves you sheltered in love with a trove of cherished memories. Such a loving place becomes a sanctuary and harbor […]

Matthew 11:25-30:Easy, the Yoke; Light, the Burden

In the grand expanses of our globe, creatures of towering might lend their strength to the rhythms of life. Draft animals, the unsung heroes of hard labor, help shoulder the […]