1 Corinthians 2:1-16: Christ’s Cross Casts Its Beams

The night engulfs the day sky, a blanket descending upon the earth. Death looms in the afternoon, the sun retreating its rays, ashamed by the spectacle. On two rough-hewn beams […]

1 Corinthians 1:26-31: Christ Jesus Stands, Forever Faithful and True

The fallen world and its coursings confirm this current creation is never far from self-destruction. Disasters push upheaval into our lives. The earth shakes, the heavens rumble, creatures cry, and […]

Matthew 4:12-25: Where Jesus is Present, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

At the worst of times, a king and his kingdom can be oppressive, a hierarchical arrangement most unwavering. Authority lies in the hands of one man, his word as the […]

Promised Treasures

  Here is our pastor’s newsletter article for February 2023, which tells of our Lenten Midweek services.   With a few blinks and the sun dwindling on the horizon, Lent […]

Isaiah 42:1-9: One Word

God’s ancient seer and prophet, Isaiah, needs no cackle or scream to pronounce justice in the land. In silent strength, a mere breath of a word will do! No clamor […]

Matthew 2:1-12: The Fragile World of Herod and the Wise Men

This morning, we celebrate Epiphany. Into our ears, Matthew paints a palette, vibrant in hue, an intricate tapestry woven together in a sacred narrative. Within a rich text, he shows […]

Matthew 2:13-23: Herod’s Futile Rage

The journey began in haste, prompted by an unexpected influx of light and song. Gladsome tidings echo through the countryside as mighty angels appear, heralding Jesus’ arrival as the world’s […]

Luke 2:19: Mary Pondered…

Now are the moments for deep reflection, the hour of contemplation. Linger in the depths of the word “ponder.” Like meditate, though less strenuous, conveying something more suited. Its Latin […]

Isaiah 7:10-14: The Virgin Shall Be With Child

An era of maddening war when everything contends this world can only be cruel. The year is 734 BC. The Northern Kingdom of Israel and Syria allied together, shaped by […]

2 Samuel 18:24-33: The Sordid Tale of King David and Prince Absalom

When an infant enters the world, the parents’ lives turn topsy-turvy. The occasions and energy once spent on their wants and needs go elsewhere, providing for their new child. Devotion […]