The Matter of Lent and Why It Matters

By Pr. Rich Futrell Such a strange time Lent can be.  For the non-Christian, all kinds of religious activities are taking place, which few can explain.  For Christians, unless they are Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Eastern Orthodox, Lent may be as much a mystery to them as for the unbeliever.  Some may also consider this […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 12: Fasting

In part of these lessons, we’ve used Matthew 6 as a template for the Christian life.  In that chapter, Jesus describes (not commands) what the life of being a disciple entails: helping the poor, praying, and fasting.  Jesus did not command them because such a living of the faith was so obvious that it He […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 26-27: Compulsory Fasting and Monastic Vows

These articles are too long for a one-hour class, if we were to read through them in their entirety. Because these topics do not loom large in the Church today, we will have an overview of these articles.   AC XXVI: The Distinction of Foods  Johann Eck, was the main Roman-Catholic theologian who spoke against […]

Genesis 3:1-21: Addicted to Sin

We began our 40-day journey to Easter this past Wednesday.  On that night, we heard solemn words from the Prophet Joel, calling all to repent.  Joel said, “Sound the horn in Zion!  Announce a sacred fast and call for a solemn assembly!  Gather the people!  Consecrate the congregation!  Assemble the aged.  Gather the children and […]

The Didache, Lesson 12: Prayer and Fasting

After the Didache goes over what brings someone into the New Covenant of Christ, it immediately moves into the spiritual disciplines for someone who is in the covenant: Prayer and fasting.   The spiritual disciplines that Jesus’ disciples are to bring into their lives help keep the sinful nature from taking over and causing them to […]

Ash Wednesday: Joel 2:12-19

We heard it at the start of today’s liturgy: Dust you are, and to dust you will return.  The ashes, which give this day its name, have nothing to do with Lenten fasting.  Whether you have ashes on your forehead or not, they tell no one if you have been fasting.  But the ashes do […]

Lent–What’s with the Season Anyway?

Lent is almost here.  Yes, the days of ashes and sackcloth, fasting, and mourning are almost here.  As the ashes of Ash Wednesday remind us: “Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return” (Genesis 3:19).  After the Fall into sin, God called Adam to remember the earth from which he came, and […]

Dealing with Our Spiritual Bullies

In this study, we find the spiritual and physical are not as separated as many of us assume.  So it comes as no surprise that God uses physical aspects in our lives to streghten us to say no to our spiritual “bullies.” Dealing with Our Spiritual Bullies Feb 6, 2011 The Link between the Spiritual […]