Romans 5:1-8: Requiescat in Pace

The grass is soft and unstirring, a soundless bed of sorrowful green. Etched on headstones in this old cemetery is “RIP,” an homage to the Latin phrase, “requiescat in pace.” […]

John 8:31-36: Sweet is the Liberation Christ Gives

In fighting cadence, a magnificent military, an army, takes the field early on a summer day. The cavalry sat tall in their saddles, their regimental flags unfurling a rainbow of […]

Romans, Lesson 9: The Hope We Have in Christ

Paul showed the absurdity of turning what God originally did to bring someone into His Old Covenant into what people did for God.  “If the adherents of the Law are to […]

How We Got the New Testament

This is part two on the lesson in adult catechesis on how we got the Bible.  Click here if you want to go to the Old-Testament Lesson.   The Early […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 6: Helping the Poor and Stewardship

We earlier looked at vocation—serving others in our everyday lives.  For this to happen well, it requires managing what we have in a good way.  Thus, a look into stewardship […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 6-7

AC VI: New Obedience Our churches teach that this faith is bound to bring forth good fruits [Galatians 5:22-23] and that it should do good works commanded by God [Ephesians […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 4-5

Last week, we didn’t finish Article 4 as we discussed some related topics and chose to spend time on those.   AC IV: Justification 1Our churches teach that people cannot […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 3-4

AC III: The Son of God 1Our churches teach that the Word, that is, the Son of God [John 1:14], assumed the human nature in the womb of the blessed […]