How We Got the New Testament

This is part two on the lesson in adult catechesis on how we got the Bible.  Click here if you want to go to the Old-Testament Lesson.   The Early […]

Philippians, Lesson 6: Final Exhortations

Paul just finished saying that he wasn’t perfect (that is reached the fullness of salvation that takes place on the Last Day).  But Paul also recognized that from an eternal […]

James, Lesson 3 (Chapter 2): Faith is impartial

This section of James differs from what we have seen so far.  This section begins with words of censure, which James further develops. Read James 2:1 –          What is James […]

Faith and Works from Clement of Rome

The Greek word for “justify,” dikiao, has a couple of meanings.  It can mean “declare and make righteousness” but also “show to be righteous.”  In Romans 3:28, Paul used “justify” […]