Romans 5:1-8: Requiescat in Pace

The grass is soft and unstirring, a soundless bed of sorrowful green. Etched on headstones in this old cemetery is “RIP,” an homage to the Latin phrase, “requiescat in pace.” […]

Matthew 4:1-11: Not By Bread Alone

Such a generous offer the Devil makes, proposing to share the stage of God with Jesus Christ.  The Devil can be such a charmer, offering our Lord bread, glory, and […]

The “Lament” Psalms: Lesson 3, Psalm 32

Structure This psalm has a pattern, revealed by its grammatical switching of “person”: Verses 1-2: Being blessed. This is the “third person,” which refers to someone else, not the writer […]

2 Corinthians, Lesson 19: Paul’s Planned Third Visit

Having shown how he exalted in his weakness, so Christ may be exalted all the more, Paul now concludes his boasting in is weakness. Conclusion of Paul Boasting in His […]

Being in the world but not of it

This is our pastor’s article for the November 29th edition of the Stone County Gazette.   Psalm 1:1 tells us: “Blessed is the man who does not walk in step […]

The Problem of Evil

This is our pastor’s next article for the Stone County Gazette, partly in response to the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado.   “If God was such a loving God, how […]

1 John, Lesson 4: Conclusion

Eternal Life, Prayer, and Sin Read 1 John 4:13 –          Who has eternal life?   –          What does believing in the name of the Son of God mean?   Read […]