Romans 15:4-13: Our Hope in Daylight or Dark

  A winter’s night descends as a cloak, dark and brooding. So this season turns for one, two—or uncounted others! Don’t we lament loss in the ache of emptiness? Someone […]

2 Timothy 2:8-13: Remember Christ, Risen from Death

Scour what life experience teaches us. Do we not secure gnarled callouses, discovering ourselves never far estranged from life’s combat? Suppose someone grows in understanding from his vicious and searing […]

Habakkuk: I Yet Will Triumph in the Lord

  Oh, how we question God’s ways, assuming He’s forgotten us, wondering why things happen the way they do. Little does He stop the violent hurt of our day. The […]

Romans, Lesson 26: What Those in Christ Have

The stronger brother is chided not to abuse his Christian freedom toward the weaker brother (Romans 14:13-21), for what does not proceed from faith is sin (Romans 14:23).  Apart from […]

Romans, Lesson 9: The Hope We Have in Christ

Paul showed the absurdity of turning what God originally did to bring someone into His Old Covenant into what people did for God.  “If the adherents of the Law are to […]

Rejoice in Your Suffering: Romans 5:1-11

Note: This sermon has a quotation from the Apocrypha and treats that quotation from Sirach as Scripture.  This is simply how our Confessions treat the Apocrypha.  Ref: Ap XXI, 9: […]