Bread of Life

Bread is a daily delight, a culinary pleasure awaiting each bite. A basic part of our everyday nourishment, its goodness fills our bellies and warms our hearts. Oven-fresh bread takes […]

Maundy Thursday: John 6:47-56: I Am the Bread of Life

The first Passover, such a horrific and gruesome sight, unlike any in Egypt, whether before or after.  At twilight, an enslaved people slaughter thousands of lambs, eat of their flesh, […]

John: Lesson 9: The Food of God’s Kingdom (John 6:25 – 71)

Jesus is back in Galilee with another Passover soon approaching.  He crossed over the Sea of Galilee and a crowd follows Him there.  Hungry, Jesus took five loaves and seven […]

Jesus, the Bread of Life: John 6:22-35

Feeding the crowd of 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish was an enormous crowd-pleaser.  Getting free food had so enthralled the crowd that they wanted to make […]