Genesis 50:15-21: God Working Through All for the Good

How hard to forgive someone who hurts you!  A co-worker takes credit for your work, and now you are the lazy one.  A bully intimidates you, for not all bullies die away after grade school.  Your sister talks your aging mother into giving her a family heirloom, which she promised to you a decade before.  […]

Matthew 1:18-25: The Holy-Spirited Conception of Jesus

Today, especially within the media and intelligentsia, many mock the Christian Faith.  Sometimes, it’s subtle; sometimes, it’s not.  You may find that they treat a Christian the way someone might treat a mentally challenged person who does something awkward.  They smile, nod politely, and then quickly shuffle him off.  At best, they tolerate us; even […]

Genesis 41:1-42:2: “God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering”

Thanksgiving is a day when we as Americans gratefully remember all the blessings in our lives.  And when such gratitude and thanks fill our hearts, then the sorrow and tragedy in our lives no longer seem so large. Today, we take a look at the life of Joseph.  This isn’t the Joseph that was Jesus’ […]

Genesis 50:15-21: Evil Turned to Good

If anyone thought that he could be a god in the place of God, Joseph might have thought that.  After all, he was second in command of Egypt, the powerful empire of his day.  The only authority higher than Joseph was Pharaoh himself.  And Pharaoh thought that he was divine.  So it might be that […]

Christmas Eve

Intro This evening, we leave the world behind, and we travel together on a long journey.  It is a journey that leads beyond Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and gift giving.  This journey leads us to the quiet, sleepy town of Bethlehem.   We stand with the shepherds, huddled around the manger.  We stand, straining our […]