Romans 13:1-10: God and Government

God erupted with a thunderous roar and cleaved the Red Sea. Fish and seaweed scattered, with the Egyptians trapped in the raging waters. So, God annihilated the enemy chasing after […]

Romans 13:1-7: For Whom Does the Sword Swing?

Some days or years before our first parents bit into the forbidden tree’s fruit, God founded both Church and family.  In a love unknown to us and a closeness beyond […]

Romans 13:1-10: The Gift of Government

The Europeans have an expression: “All roads lead to Rome.” That expression came about because, for many centuries, Rome was the world’s main center of power. And back then, many […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 15-16

AC XV: Church Ceremonies Our churches teach that those ceremonies should be observed that can be observed without sin. Also, ceremonies and other practices that contribute to peace and good […]

LC-MS Responds to Governmental Mandate for Religious Organizations

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In response to President Obama’s announcement Friday concerning an “accommodation” to a previous mandate that health plans must cover all forms of birth control […]