Romans 13:1-7: For Whom Does the Sword Swing?

Some days or years before our first parents bit into the forbidden tree’s fruit, God founded both Church and family.  In a love unknown to us and a closeness beyond our imagining, Adam and Eve worshiped God.  Though not like we do, to receive His forgiveness and salvation.  No, they required none, yet.  “Be fruitful […]

Romans 13:1-10: The Gift of Government

The Europeans have an expression: “All roads lead to Rome.” That expression came about because, for many centuries, Rome was the world’s main center of power. And back then, many of the major roads did lead to Rome. That’s what connected Rome to its Empire–its massive set of roadways, many of which still exist to […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 15-16

AC XV: Church Ceremonies Our churches teach that those ceremonies should be observed that can be observed without sin. Also, ceremonies and other practices that contribute to peace and good order in the church, such as holy days, festivals, and the like, should be observed. Yet, the people are taught not to be burden consciences […]

LC-MS Responds to Governmental Mandate for Religious Organizations

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In response to President Obama’s announcement Friday concerning an “accommodation” to a previous mandate that health plans must cover all forms of birth control (even those that can kill the unborn), The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) remains deeply concerned. We strongly object to the use of drugs and procedures […]