Ephesians 5:8-14: From Shadowed Unbelief into the Clarity of Truth

“What is truth?” someone scorned Jesus hours before His crucifixion. Our Lord recognized the Roman Governor came to “bear witness to the truth,” but further taught, “everyone who is of […]

Light Shining in the Darkness

God’s first creation is light. God spoke and light, at once, shone into the black empty void (Genesis 1:2). After, He separated the light from the darkness, marking days and […]

Romans 5:1-8: Requiescat in Pace

The grass is soft and unstirring, a soundless bed of sorrowful green. Etched on headstones in this old cemetery is “RIP,” an homage to the Latin phrase, “requiescat in pace.” […]

Water Gives Life

Water is vital to sustaining life, second only to the air we breathe. This vitality-giving liquid touches our lives daily, shaped by its temperature and our needs. Without its replenishment, […]

Genesis 12:1-9: Our Hope is Abraham’s Hope

Father Abraham, we call him—but not so in the beginning.  Long ago, God called a man, named at the time Abram, to trust beyond the stars.  Beneath a starry sky […]


Based on Scripture, salt seasons and sweetens and preserves and keeps. Salt flavors food (Job 6:6) and prevents corruption (Leviticus 2:13, Ezekiel 43:24). Elisha once used salt to purify drinking […]

Matthew 4:1-11: The Beasts Within

Lent calls us to face our unrevealed and underlying selves, to stare at the creatures we dread lurking inside us. The shadows of the season cloak us again in their […]

Dust and Ashes

Today, we embark on a humbling journey, a 40-day pilgrimage. A stark etching of ashes darkens the landscape of our skin, severe and cross-shaped. Those ashen smears tell a tale […]

Matthew 17:1-9: Hidden Within the Transfiguration is the Greater Glory of the Cross

Our Lord’s transfiguration is a spectacular event bringing together many holy pieces. An otherworldly radiance emanates from Jesus, His body glowing with a light brighter than the sun. Shrouded in […]

Matthew 5:23-24: Be Reconciled

“Leave your gift at the altar and go. First, reconcile with your brother. After, come and offer your gift” (Matthew 5:24). The Lord’s words resonated through the crowd during a […]