Matthew 10:34-42″ The Sword of Peace

Clashes and violence fill our planet, where hatred is as common as the air we breathe. Tune into any news channel, and what greets you? Headlines brim with tales of […]

Romans, Lesson 26: What Those in Christ Have

The stronger brother is chided not to abuse his Christian freedom toward the weaker brother (Romans 14:13-21), for what does not proceed from faith is sin (Romans 14:23).  Apart from […]

Luke 19:41-48: Jesus, the Incarnate Temple, Brings True Peace

Jeri was breathtakingly beautiful. All the men wanted to be with her, and all the women wanted to be her. But more than that, she was intelligent and industrious. She […]

John 20:19-23: Jesus Still Speaks His Forgiveness Today

The Lenten season is finished.  And yet, we don’t move on to something better, even though we have broken our Lenten fast with the Easter feast.  For what can be […]

The Office of the Holy Ministry: John 20:19-31

When Jesus speaks His divine peace to His disciples, He shows them His wounds He received on the cross.  For Jesus, the crucified One, is now risen from the dead.  […]