Romans 13:1-10: God and Government

God erupted with a thunderous roar and cleaved the Red Sea. Fish and seaweed scattered, with the Egyptians trapped in the raging waters. So, God annihilated the enemy chasing after […]

Matthew 21:23-27: It All Comes Down to Authority

The religious leaders asked Jesus, “By what authority are You doing these things? Who gave You this authority?” There, they said it! In that question, they asserted that Jesus didn’t […]

Augsburg Confession, Conclusion of Article 28 and Lutheran Quiz

Last week, we didn’t quite finish with Article 28. So, today we will finish our study of the Augsburg Confession but also look into some things our Lutheran Confessions assert […]

Matthew 8:1-13: Under the Authority of Christ

Authority is controversial.  We get upset when others have authority over us.  For who wants to be under the authority of another?  I don’t.  You don’t.  But no matter how […]