The Lamb Who Breaks Open the Seals

Dreamy and strange, eternity stirs with such peculiar creatures, with everything revolving around a Lamb. A mighty angel asks a question involving a manuscript in the court liturgy of heaven. In an earlier vision, old man Ezekiel beheld a hand clutching a scroll. Likewise, this parchment displayed writings on both sides, containing lamentations, grieving, and […]

Understanding New-Covenant Worship as the Fulfillment of the Old

Worship before God gave Moses instructions on worship  From the dawn of time, proper worship of God involved resting from work on the Sabbath day to hear God’s Word (Genesis 2:3).  At first, that Word was proclaimed by word of mouth with no written Scriptures: Adam to Seth, Seth to Enosh, Enosh to Kenan, and […]

Revelation 7:2-17: With All the Company of Heaven

“Who can stand?”  That’s the question at the end of Revelation chapter 6.  In that chapter, the entire cosmos rumbles and quakes to its foundation.  The sun goes black, and the moon turns to blood.  The stars fall from the sky like ripened figs.  Even the strong and mighty, the movers and shakers of this […]

Revelation, Lesson 4: Chapter 1, “What You Have Seen”

The First Vision Read Revelation 1:9-11 –          Why was John on Patmos?   –          What does John being “in the Spirit” and receiving what he does “on the Lord’s day” tell about the content of Revelation?   Read Revelation 1:12-16 When John turned around, he saw what Daniel and Ezekiel had seen in their visions.  […]

Revelation: Lesson 1: A Rocky History

Authorship Four times the author of the book of Revelation calls himself “John” (1:1, 4, 9, and 22:8).  This John wrote that he was in exile on the island of Patmos when he received his heavenly visions and the instructions to write them in a book (1:11, 19, 2:1). The earliest Christian sources identify the […]

Study to Begin on Revelation (aka The Apocalypse)

On May 27th, during our Sunday School hour (8:15-9:15 AM), we will begin a study on the book of Revelation.  All are invited to learn about this mysterious and often misunderstood book.