Romans, Lesson 27: The Liturgy Being Lived Out

By finishing with the hope the Christian has, the resurrection of the body, given to him by faith through the Holy Spirit, Paul begins his conclusion.  What he does, which […]

2 Corinthians, Lesson 14: God the Source and God the Receiver

Christian giving flows from God’s grace changing us by the Gospel. Flowing from Christ’s gifts to us, the Christian gives as he is able. This flows from grace, not guilt. […]

Vain Repetition

This lesson is born from a concern about “vain repetition” in our worship liturgy. In our Divine Services on Sunday, we rotate settings of the Liturgy based on the season. […]

Acts, Lesson 14: Paul’s First Missionary Journey, Pt. 1

Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch after they had delivered aid for the mother Church at Jerusalem. At Antioch, we find out what the Lord has planned for Saul and […]

Augsburg Confession, Article 24

AC XXIV: The Mass (Pt 1) Our churches are falsely accused of abolishing the Mass. In fact, the Mass is retained among us and is celebrated with the greatest reverence. […]

Matthew 21:1-11: Jesus Still Comes to Us

People confess what is within them by what they do.  People show what they believe by what they do with their hands, feet, and head.  For example, when a Lutheran […]

Worship Reflecting a God-Given Pattern

This in an excursus on worship from a lesson on the Old-Testament book of Exodus.  It speaks to many of the issues concerning worship in our current-day setting. Exodus 25:40: “See […]

Revelation, Lesson 6: Heavenly Worship, Part 1

Chapters 4-5: Heavenly Worship, Part 1 We now find the Spirit giving John a glimpse of heavenly worship.  The “things that are,” which he sees, include many worship scenes.  John […]

Revelation, Lesson 4: Chapter 1, “What You Have Seen”

The First Vision Read Revelation 1:9-11 –          Why was John on Patmos?   –          What does John being “in the Spirit” and receiving what he does “on the Lord’s day” […]

Worship: A Matter of Preference?

This is our pastor’s latest article for the Stone County Gazette, the local paper for Kimberling City.  The article is woefully short because of length restrictions.  But it does get […]