Revelation 7:9-17: Now and Not Yet, but also with the Saints and Archangels

If you look at the Church with the eyes of your body, the Church can often be a despicable mess. Think of how one hymn describes her: “Though with a […]

Wilbur Carlson’s Memorial Service Sermon: Revelation 7:9-17

Mary, and family and friends of Wilbur Carlson: What is the best way that you can honor Wilbur?   Is it by remembering him?  Well, memory is important.  We could barely […]

Revelation 7:2-17: With All the Company of Heaven

“Who can stand?”  That’s the question at the end of Revelation chapter 6.  In that chapter, the entire cosmos rumbles and quakes to its foundation.  The sun goes black, and […]