A Primer on the Use of Incense in the Divine Service

By Pr. Rich Futrell Introduction The Lutheran Church deliberately chooses to worship in a historical, liturgical way. Part of this practice is simply claiming our mantle of being part of the historic, catholic Church.[1] But it is more than that. Our Augsburg Confession, Article 14, “Concerning the Mass,” states: “For ceremonies are especially needed in […]

Understanding New-Covenant Worship as the Fulfillment of the Old

Worship before God gave Moses instructions on worship  From the dawn of time, proper worship of God involved resting from work on the Sabbath day to hear God’s Word (Genesis 2:3).  At first, that Word was proclaimed by word of mouth with no written Scriptures: Adam to Seth, Seth to Enosh, Enosh to Kenan, and […]

Exodus, Lesson 28: Proper Worship Contrasted with Improper Worship

God had just told Moses about the bronze basin, from which the Priests would purify themselves before entering God’s presence.  If they were not so purified, they would die.  Last week, we learned that the water in the bronze basin was a (but not the only) foreshadowing of New-Covenant baptism.  Now God tells Moses about […]

Exodus, Lesson 27: The Daily Sacrifices, Incense, and Tithing

We still find Moses on Mt. Sinai receiving instructions from God.  Last week, God told Moses how he was to anoint, consecrate, and ordaining priests into the Old-Covenant Priesthood.  God now tells Moses of the Evening and Morning sacrifices that were to be made every day.   The Daily Sacrifices Read Exodus 29:38-46 –          What […]

Revelation, Lesson 7: Chapter 5

Heavenly Worship, Part 2 From the beginning, when we first see God give His people instructions on worship, we find worship to be liturgical (following prescribed patterns, not free form of one’s own choosing).  After giving His people the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17), God told them to how to build an altar (Ex. 20:24-26).  Then, […]