The Unknown Unknown

This is our pastor’s article for the June, 2019 edition of our newsletter. In this, he delves into some (some!) of the New Testament’s use of the little-known book of 1 Enoch. Some speak of “known knowns,” things of which we are aware and also understand.  For others, they talk of “known unknowns,” what we […]

Acts, Lesson 7: The Martyrdom of Deacon Stephen

The Church had just established the Office of Deacon to free pastors (at this time, the Apostles) to focus on Word and Sacrament ministry. Deacons assisted the pastor, primarily focusing on the physical needs of parishioners. Yet, we see they also did more, as we see evidences with Stephen, one of the ordained deacons. Read […]

Revelation, Lesson 4: Chapter 1, “What You Have Seen”

The First Vision Read Revelation 1:9-11 –          Why was John on Patmos?   –          What does John being “in the Spirit” and receiving what he does “on the Lord’s day” tell about the content of Revelation?   Read Revelation 1:12-16 When John turned around, he saw what Daniel and Ezekiel had seen in their visions.  […]