James, Lesson 2: Faith’s Response

James: Lesson 2 Book’s Theme and Faith’s Response Read James 1:9-11 –          James tells the rich man to exalt in his humiliation.  What is the source of this humiliation?   –          The poor man is to exalt in his exaltation.  What is the source of his exaltation?   –          So what is James doing when […]

James, Lesson 1: Introduction and Theme

James: Lesson 1 Introduction and Theme Among the books of the New Testament, James has suffered much because it was one of the disputed books of the New Testament.   It also suffered because of its content (for example, does it teach that works save us?). When Martin Luther was translating the Bible into German, he […]

Bible Study on James to Begin

On Thursday, May 3rd, at 2:00 PM, our Pastor will begin the season’s midweek class, starting with the book of James. Lutherans often find James to be a puzzling book.  James writes, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24).  Instead of ignoring that passage from the […]

Faith and Works from Clement of Rome

The Greek word for “justify,” dikiao, has a couple of meanings.  It can mean “declare and make righteousness” but also “show to be righteous.”  In Romans 3:28, Paul used “justify” to mean “declare and make righteous.”   In James 2:24, James used “justify” to mean “show to be righteous.”  Romans 3:28 reads, “For we maintain that […]

Sts. Philip and James, Apostles: John 14:1-14

How strange, how strange in so many ways.  It’s Easter and, yet, we find ourselves back in Lent.  We find ourselves again on Thursday, the night of Jesus’ betrayal.  It is the Thursday before Good Friday, but also the Thursday before Christ’s resurrection. The disciples, minus Judas, had just eaten the Passover meal.  They had […]