Acts, Lesson 25: Paul’s Troubles Begin

Paul finally arrived in Jerusalem, having completed his third missionary travels. He knew from repeated warnings that trouble awaited him, but “constrained by the Spirit,” he made his way to Jerusalem anyway (Acts 20:22).   But it’s more than those warnings that prepare us for what awaits Paul. In Jerusalem, Luke shows the change in how […]

Acts, Lesson 10: Paul and Peter

Last week, Luke told us of Saul’s conversion to “the Way,” that He had become a follower of Christ. Even more, Jesus had called him to be His Apostle to the “Gentiles, kings, and children of Israel.” We now find out what happened after Saul was baptized.   The Story of Saul Continues Read Acts […]

St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles

What a daring deed it is to call someone a saint. Saint comes from the Latin word for holy. So, let us speak in clear English today. Today, we celebrate the Feast of Holy Peter and Holy Paul. How can we say that? Only God is Holy. That’s what we sing every week in the […]

Philippians, Lesson 4: Living Like Christ

We finished last week’s lesson with Paul and Timothy exhorting the Philippian Christians to “work out,” that is to perform and live out their salvation with fear and trembling.  And then they explained how that was done: For it is God who works in you. Living like Christ (continued) Read Philippians 2:14 In the Greek […]

Faith and Works from Clement of Rome

The Greek word for “justify,” dikiao, has a couple of meanings.  It can mean “declare and make righteousness” but also “show to be righteous.”  In Romans 3:28, Paul used “justify” to mean “declare and make righteous.”   In James 2:24, James used “justify” to mean “show to be righteous.”  Romans 3:28 reads, “For we maintain that […]