Philippians, Lesson 3: Jesus’ Humiliation and Exaltation

Paul and Timothy ended chapter 1 with words about, not only believing in Christ, but also suffering because of Him.  That was what living as a citizen of the Gospel involved.  For most people, a call to suffering is not encouraging.  So, Paul moves on to speak of the encouragement we have in Christ. A […]

James, Lesson 3 (Chapter 2): Faith is impartial

This section of James differs from what we have seen so far.  This section begins with words of censure, which James further develops. Read James 2:1 –          What is James calling Jesus?   Galatians 3:28: [Concerning salvation] There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you […]

Faith and Works from Clement of Rome

The Greek word for “justify,” dikiao, has a couple of meanings.  It can mean “declare and make righteousness” but also “show to be righteous.”  In Romans 3:28, Paul used “justify” to mean “declare and make righteous.”   In James 2:24, James used “justify” to mean “show to be righteous.”  Romans 3:28 reads, “For we maintain that […]

Faith? Works? Yes!

This is an article that I wrote for the May 20th edition of the Stone County Gazette. Did you realize the Bible never says that we are saved by “faith alone”?  In all of Scripture, you will never find those words, “faith alone.”  This is what Scripture says: We are “justified by faith, apart from […]