Being Fully Human: Lesson 1

The Beginning: The Physicality of Our Creation and Being Read Genesis 1:1-3a, 6a, 9a, 11a, 14a, 20a, 24a, and 26a What is common in how God creates what exists?   Read Genesis 1:27-28 What is different about the creation of man?   What is different from what God gave Adam and Eve to do than […]

Genesis 3:1-21, Matthew 4:1-11: Jesus Succeeds where Adam Failed

Can you believe it? The serpent attacks, not through brute force, but through words. And Adam just stands there. He doesn’t say or do anything. He just stands there next to Eve as the serpent twists the truth. Did you catch that in our Old-Testament reading? After Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, she gave some […]

Genesis 3:1-21: Addicted to Sin

We began our 40-day journey to Easter this past Wednesday.  On that night, we heard solemn words from the Prophet Joel, calling all to repent.  Joel said, “Sound the horn in Zion!  Announce a sacred fast and call for a solemn assembly!  Gather the people!  Consecrate the congregation!  Assemble the aged.  Gather the children and […]

Lent 1: Genesis 3:1-21

Satan is smoldering in patience, slowly stoking the power of evil that he believes is stronger than God.  He devises a scheme and becomes one with a snake.  And there he waits.  He will wait as long it takes to entrap and ensnare.  And so he waits.  He waits for Eve to walk past the […]