Matthew 4:1-11: The Beasts Within

Lent calls us to face our unrevealed and underlying selves, to stare at the creatures we dread lurking inside us. The shadows of the season cloak us again in their […]

Matthew 4:1-11: Not By Bread Alone

Such a generous offer the Devil makes, proposing to share the stage of God with Jesus Christ.  The Devil can be such a charmer, offering our Lord bread, glory, and […]

Genesis 3:1-21, Matthew 4:1-11: Jesus Succeeds where Adam Failed

Can you believe it? The serpent attacks, not through brute force, but through words. And Adam just stands there. He doesn’t say or do anything. He just stands there next […]

Matthew 4:1-11: Jesus Being Tempted for You

“Do you renounce the devil?”  “Do you renounce all his works?”  “Do you renounce all his ways?”  The pastor asks those questions to each person being saved through the Word […]

Genesis 3:1-21: Addicted to Sin

We began our 40-day journey to Easter this past Wednesday.  On that night, we heard solemn words from the Prophet Joel, calling all to repent.  Joel said, “Sound the horn […]

Mark 1:9-15: Jesus Faces Down the Tempter

The water from the Jordan River slowly trickled off our Lord’s wet hair.  The hot, wilderness sand glued itself to His damp, walking feet.  Behind Him, the well-known river snaked […]