Luke 16:1-15: The Cunning Estate Manager

Too well can money morph into a seductive false god, perched upon your slanted shoulders, confiding in your ear. “Listen to me. Only I’m able to ease your strife. Let […]

Matthew 6:24-34: You Can’t Serve God and Money

When Jesus says, “You can’t serve God and money,” He’s not accusing you of devoting your life to amassing wealth. For if you serve money, that means money is the […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 11: Slavery, False Teaching, and the Dangers that Can Come with Wealth

Paul, having finished dealing with overseers/elders, he now deals with slaves and their masters.   Slaves and Masters Read 1 Timothy 6:1 How does Paul want slaves to treat their […]

Dealing with Our Spiritual Bullies

In this study, we find the spiritual and physical are not as separated as many of us assume.  So it comes as no surprise that God uses physical aspects in […]