Matthew 17:1-9: Hidden Within the Transfiguration is the Greater Glory of the Cross

Our Lord’s transfiguration is a spectacular event bringing together many holy pieces. An otherworldly radiance emanates from Jesus, His body glowing with a light brighter than the sun. Shrouded in […]

Matthew 16:21-28: Your Cross and His Cross

At last, somebody understands Jesus!  Earlier, He tossed this query toward His disciples, “Who do people suppose the Son of Man is?”  Above the others, Peter rose, “You are the […]

Exodus 33:17-23: Transfiguration: The Cross Before the Glory

What is glory?  Whatever glory is, rock stars exude its essence, inspiring many a teenager to pick up a guitar or play the drums.  So also top athletes, with an […]

Luke 9:28-36: A Preview of the New Creation

Our Lord’s Transfiguration is a like a preview at the cinema, before the featured presentation. You glimpse a smidgen, enough to tug at you later to go to the movie. […]

Matthew 17:1-9: Jesus’ Glory

A chapter before today’s Gospel reading, we hear Peter tell Jesus that He is “the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16). And “from that time, Jesus began […]

Mark 9:2-9: Jesus’ Transfiguration

The time for Jesus’ earthly miracles was fading fast.  And soon, His popularity would begin to wane, as well.  For now, we find ourselves at the midpoint of Mark’s Gospel, […]

Transfiguration: Matthew 17:1-9

Behold your Lord, Jesus Christ–the greatest rerun you’ll ever see.  That’s right: Jesus is the rerun you want to watch, the one you don’t ever want to miss.  For that […]