Genesis 3:1-15: The Promised Sin-Crusher

In His image, God created the first man and woman, giving them a beautiful, tranquil home, providing for their every need.  Neither destitute nor dispossessed, they are happy, safe, and secure—though God did prohibit one activity.  “In the day [you eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil], you will die” (Genesis […]

The Relation between the Tree of Life and the Sacraments

The Two Trees Note: In this lesson, the translations from Genesis are your pastor’s. He has done this, hoping you can you get a better “feel” of the poetic language in the Hebrew text.  Genesis 2:9: And YHWH, God, made sprout from the soil every tree that was pleasing to the eye and good for […]

Lent 1: Genesis 3:1-21

Satan is smoldering in patience, slowly stoking the power of evil that he believes is stronger than God.  He devises a scheme and becomes one with a snake.  And there he waits.  He will wait as long it takes to entrap and ensnare.  And so he waits.  He waits for Eve to walk past the […]