Church History, Lesson 1: The New Covenant Begins

This is a new study series, which begins with Jesus establishing the New Covenant and finishing (we hope) with the Church recognizing and listing the texts of both the Old- and […]

The Relation between the Tree of Life and the Sacraments

The Two Trees Note: In this lesson, the translations from Genesis are your pastor’s. He has done this, hoping you can you get a better “feel” of the poetic language […]

Pastor Futrell Guest on Steadfast Throwdown

Our pastor was recently interviewed for a Lutheran program called “Steadfast Throwdown.”  The subject of the program is the New Covenant as the Fulfillment of the Old.  Since we are […]

From Adam to Jesus, Lesson 8: From the Apocrypha to Jesus as the Fulfillment

Before we look directly into the New Testament, we take a short look into the section of Old Testament books the early Church fathers called “books worthy of being read […]