Suffering Through the Lenses of Job, Lesson 7: Job’s Recognition, Repentance, and Restoration

Intro The Lord answered Job, pulling Job from an inward focus on his suffering to what is beyond: God.  By stating who He is and what that means, God inductively taught Job: If I am all-powerful, then I am taking care of you in my way and time.  I am even more powerful than the […]

Wilbur Carlson’s Memorial Service Sermon: Revelation 7:9-17

Mary, and family and friends of Wilbur Carlson: What is the best way that you can honor Wilbur?   Is it by remembering him?  Well, memory is important.  We could barely go on without memory.  And of course you want to remember Wilbur in your heart, the seat of your emotions, and in your mind.  And […]