Galatians 4:4-7: The Firstborn’s Birth Brings Your Birth From Above into Being

The first Christmas makes the second one possible.  By conceiving Jesus, the life-breathing Spirit reveals Himself to be the Spirit, sent by the Son, who permits us all to become sons of God.  For the second Christmas is our Spirit-born birth, which is but an extension of the first. The Divine Spirit breathes Jesus into […]

Christmas Eve Sermon: The Humble Poetry of Jesus’ Birth

So distant are we from creation’s dawn.  A time forlorn, forgotten by our fragile minds, when the Father spoke all into being, and formed a humanity in His image.   Too soon did defect begin to breed, to blemish and blacken a perfect creation.  For the man and woman, Adam and Eve, feast on what is […]

Matthew 18:1-5: The Hidden Hero within our Lord’s Advent

This is a confessional address our pastor preached for our Confessional Service, which is a Service of Confession before receiving the Lord’s Supper.   The Son of God humbled Himself to be the Son of Man so we, the children of men, might be exalted to become the children of God.  So, from heaven, the […]

John 1:1-14: The Word became Flesh

We heard many words in our Christmas Gospel, telling us of Jesus. He is the Word. He is God and Creator, even Life and the Light of all people, shining in the darkness. He is the one-and-only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth. Such beautiful and truth-filled words for our Savior, which […]

Why December 25th is the Day for Christmas

This is our pastor’s article for the Stone County Gazette.  It should be published on December 26th.   Why is December 25th the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth?   If we are going to let the earliest history in the Christian Church be our guide, then the early Church chose December 25th to help teach that […]

Christmas (Christ’s Mass) Day Service

On December 25th, we will have a Divine Service of Word and Sacrament to celebrate the birth of our Lord. Jesus, the Word Himself became flesh.  God and man have come together in one Person.  The Infinite has become the finite.  The Transcendent has become Imminent.  The Creator is one with the creature.  The Eternal breaks […]

Christ’s Mass (Christmas) Day Sermon: Luke 2:20

“Oh, where shall joy be found?  Where but on heavenly ground?  Where the angels singing with all the saints unite, sweetest praises bringing in heavenly joy and light.  Oh, that we were there!  Oh, that we were there!” (LSB 386:4) Oh, that we were there!  That about sums it up this Christmas morning.  If we […]

Christmas Eve: Isaiah 7:14, “The Virgin will Conceive”

Christmas Eve–it’s finally here.  After all the preparation, the hurry, and the scurry, whether you’ve finished buying presents or not, Christmas is here, for real, tonight.  And soon it will be time for presents! But what if we didn’t get any presents this year?  Would it still be Christmas?  Of course, for, after all, our […]

The Nativity of our Lord

Intro Today, we celebrate the birth of life.  For that is who Christ Jesus is.  He’s not simply the holiest among those who think themselves as holy.  He’s not simply a man of historical renown.  Such understatements fail to recognize Christ Jesus as Life.  They don’t recognize Him as Life eternal.   Jesus is the […]

Christmas Eve

Intro This evening, we leave the world behind, and we travel together on a long journey.  It is a journey that leads beyond Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and gift giving.  This journey leads us to the quiet, sleepy town of Bethlehem.   We stand with the shepherds, huddled around the manger.  We stand, straining our […]