Acts 2: Pentecost

Intro To a people baptized in the waters of the Red Sea and now wandering in the wilderness, God came.  To make them His separate and distinct people, He gave them many rites and rituals.  Among these commanded worship forms (in Leviticus 23), we encounter Pentecost, a thanksgiving festival for the first crop of the […]

Acts 2:1-21: The Real Power of Pentecost

At last, power!  A fitting display of vigor and vitality for the saving Word to sally forth into the world!  No more modesty of the Christ-child sleeping among the animals in a manure-filled stable.  Absent is the shame and humiliation of Christ’s execution by Roman overlords.  The hidden splendor of Easter Sunday morning when God […]

John 14:23-31: If anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word

The word “Pentecost” means 50.  A festival of the Old Covenant, at first, a celebration which took place every year.  Now we understand why so many pilgrims gathered in Jerusalem on the day the potent Wind from eternity graced the people of God. For the Israelites, Pentecost thanked the Creator for the first harvest of […]

Acts 2:38: Pentecost Today = Preaching and Delivering Forgiveness

Fifty days after Jesus rose from the dead, ten days after He ascended, 120 Christians huddle together.  They wait for Jesus, for Him to fulfill His promise to send the Spirit.  Without warning, a mighty wind, the breath of God, fills the room where they wait.  They look and see moving, flickering tongues of fire […]

Acts 2: It Had All Been For This

It had all been for this. Jesus ascended into heaven, taking His seat at the right hand of the Father, that position of authority and power, all to pour out the Holy Spirit from the Father. That Spirit, which Jesus had sent to His Church, was the same Spirit that had come to the Virgin […]

Acts 2:1-21: The Holy Spirit working through the Word

On the day of Pentecost, people gathered because they heard a powerful, mighty wind. And as they gathered, curious about the sound, they saw something astounding. Tongues of fire had come down on the New-Covenant Church, on all 120 people. Of course, none of us has experienced such an event. And that makes perfect sense. […]

Acts, Lesson 3: A glimpse into the earliest New-Covenant Church

In the last lesson, pastor taught that the “they” in Acts 2:1 referred to the entire Christian Church at the time: those before whom Peter spoke (Acts 1:15). And we find more confirmation that more than just the Apostles spoke in other languages. Read Acts 2:5-13 What brought the Jews to where the Christians were […]

Acts, Lesson 2: Jesus ascends and then sends the Holy Spirit

Jesus had just told His Apostles that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit would descend on them. The Spirit would empower them to speak of what their eyes had witnessed when they were with Jesus.   The Ascension Read Acts 1:9-11   What takes place with Jesus?   The Significance of the Cloud […]

Pentecost: Acts 2:1-21

This past week in our liturgical, Church calendar, we’ve been in limbo.  We’ve been existing between two realities.  We celebrated our Lord’s ascension into heaven.  But since the Ascension, we’ve been waiting.  We’ve been waiting for this day.  Like the Apostles of old, we’ve been listening to our Lord’s instructions to “wait in Jerusalem until […]

Pentecost: Acts 2:1-21

The crowd at Pentecost thinks the first Christians are drunk.  They hear the cacophony of 120 Christians.  They hear the old and wrinkled, the young and sparkly eyed, men and women, and pastors and parishioners all speaking in the rush of excitement.  The crowd thinks they are hearing a bunch of drunkards.  That’s what St. […]