Acts 1:6-11: Christ’s Ascension Doesn’t Mean He’s Now Trapped in Heaven

This was our pastor’s sermon for the pastoral circuit meeting (winkel)  on Tuesday, May 9, 2018.   The book of Acts tells us of the first Christians as they brought Jesus to others in their words and deeds.  The Scripture pictures for us the earliest Church, unfolding who the Church is and what she does, […]

Ascension: Jesus is Gone into Heaven.  Now What?

This is our pastor’s article for the May edition of our newsletter.   This year, Ascension Day falls a May 3rd.  Such a neglected and almost-forgotten festival.  Consider how few congregations celebrate this day on Thursday, its actual day.  For Jesus going to heaven’s throne almost lacks a sense of the heroic victory of a […]

Mark 16:14-20: Christ Precedes Us, Not Abandons Us

The Lord commissions His Apostles before returning to heaven: “Preach the gospel to all creation.”  Next, He adds the promise of Baptism.  Left out of our Lord’s final words are commands to clothe, shelter, or mend broken marriages.  Though noble, helpful, and part of what we should be doing, such work is always secondary. For […]

Mark 16:19: Jesus’ ascension to the right hand of God the Father

Our Lord’s ascension is a continuing celebration of His incarnation. It celebrates that Jesus, true God of true God, became man. Jesus became man to save us from our sins. But it was more than that: He also came to raise us up in Himself, all so we could share in God’s divine nature, as […]

Acts, Lesson 2: Jesus ascends and then sends the Holy Spirit

Jesus had just told His Apostles that they would receive power when the Holy Spirit would descend on them. The Spirit would empower them to speak of what their eyes had witnessed when they were with Jesus.   The Ascension Read Acts 1:9-11   What takes place with Jesus?   The Significance of the Cloud […]

Jesus’ Ascension: Acts 1:1-11

No matter who we are, at one time or another, life’s frustrating events have left their abusive marks on us.  It’s not a matter of if.  It’s a matter of when, for we are talking about life in this fallen world, where this world’s sin and chaos ramrod our tidy and ordered lives. It was […]