Emmanuel: God With Us

In time’s past, when God created time, He placed in Eden a tree of life.  Magnificent, this stood, fragrant, and dripping with every good.  On such sacred ground flourished a fruit, so pure and sweet, which God let the man and woman eat. In beauty, another tree also grew on this primordial soil, of which […]

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services

Our Christmas Eve Service, December 24, will be at 7:00 PM.  It will be a service of carols, matched to the Gospel readings for the Nativity of our Lord. The service will finish with the singing of Silent Night by candlelight. The Christmas Day Service, December 25, will be at 10:00 AM, which will be […]

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at 7:00 PM

On Christmas Eve, December 24, at 7:00 PM, is our Service of Carols and Candlelight.  We will also be finishing our series on The Canticles of Christmas, delighting in the song the Angel choir sang to the shepherds, which we call “The Gloria.” We will sing many of your favorite Christmas hymns, ending with Silent […]

Wisdom 18:14-15, Luke 2:1-20: The Word of God Descended from Heaven’s Royal Throne

“It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old, from angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold: ‘Peace on the earth, goodwill to all, from heaven’s all-gracious King!’  The world in solemn stillness lay to hear the angels sing” (LSB 366). Angels sang that night when Christ was born.  […]

Christmas Eve and Day Services

Our Christmas Eve Service of Candlelight and Carols is at 7:00 PM, December 24th.  In the service, we will hear the how Jesus came to be our Messiah and Savior from the gospel texts of Sts. Matthew and Luke.  Interspersed within the readings will be stanzas from our favorite Christmas hymns and carols. On Christmas Day, […]

Luke 2:19: Learning to Ponder

At first listen, it sounds as if the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of our Lord, has it all wrong.  St. Luke tells us, “But Mary continued to treasure all these things in her heart and to ponder them” (2:19).  Isn’t Christmas a time for celebration, not pondering and meditation? Ah, the contrast is striking. […]

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with Carols

Our Christmas Eve service is on December 24th at 7:00 PM.  In the service, we will hear the account of Christ’s birth according to St. Luke and sing many corresponding Christmas carols and hymns.  The service will finish with the lighting of candles, exiting in the peace and joy of Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Intro This evening, we leave the world behind, and we travel together on a long journey.  It is a journey that leads beyond Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and gift giving.  This journey leads us to the quiet, sleepy town of Bethlehem.   We stand with the shepherds, huddled around the manger.  We stand, straining our […]