The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 4o:1-11

The moving descriptions of a foretold Messiah earned Isaiah his nickname: “The Fifth Evangelist.”  Did our Old-Testament reading for today not confirm this?  Still, what a contrast to the dispatch God earlier directed Isaiah to deliver, in chapter 6. Go and tell the people: “Be ever hearing, but never comprehending; always seeing, but never perceiving.”  […]

Genesis 32:22-30: Best of Luck or Blessing?

A saying we use in our everyday lives is “Best of luck.”  Through those words, we wish another well—whether on the phone, at work, or somewhere else.  The idea behind a blessing is to encourage.  Still, do you wonder what “luck” is?  In wishing another “the best of luck,” you are voicing a belief in […]

Genesis 28:10-17: Jesus is the Staircase between Heaven and Earth

Jacob escapes and flees to what looks like an ordinary place, on a night like any other. But on this night, he’s running away from his brother, Esau, who has threatened to kill him. For Jacob had just swindled him for a second time. Esau had had enough! But let’s go back to the first […]

Genesis 28:10-22: Jacob’s God and You

A family is in turmoil.  The mom and dad are fighting about the children.  The younger brother has lied to and stolen from his older brother.  Now, the older brother is so mad with rage that he’s plotting to kill his younger brother. And this same older brother is also angry at his dad.  And […]

Midweek Advent Services

This year’s midweek Advent services will focus on the Old Testament Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Through their lives, we will learn how they pointed forward to Jesus Christ. Our midweek services will be on December 5, 12, and 19 at 1:00 and 7:00 PM.  The order of service will be Evening Prayer (yes, even […]