Romans, Lesson 18: Not unto Us, but God

When we take in the macro structure of Romans, we find:   Romans 1-8: God’s inclusion of the Gentiles Romans 9-11: God’s inclusion of Israel Romans 12-15: Gentiles and Jews getting along   Has God’s Word Failed?  A Look into the Past Read Romans 9:6-9 “counted”: Greek, logizmai, credited, “reckoned.”  This is the same word […]

Genesis 28:10-17: Jesus is the Staircase between Heaven and Earth

Jacob escapes and flees to what looks like an ordinary place, on a night like any other. But on this night, he’s running away from his brother, Esau, who has threatened to kill him. For Jacob had just swindled him for a second time. Esau had had enough! But let’s go back to the first […]