The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 4o:1-11

The moving descriptions of a foretold Messiah earned Isaiah his nickname: “The Fifth Evangelist.”  Did our Old-Testament reading for today not confirm this?  Still, what a contrast to the dispatch God earlier directed Isaiah to deliver, in chapter 6. Go and tell the people: “Be ever hearing, but never comprehending; always seeing, but never perceiving.”  […]

The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 64:1-9

The poetry in Isaiah is striking.  The turns of phrase and imagery amplify and repeat.  The people are like grass, soon turning into flowers wilting in the intense, Middle-Eastern sun.  Next, valleys are twisting upward, reaching for the sky, while mountains flatten as they become molten.  Such power resonates in those well-crafted words.  A Hebrew […]

From Adam to Jesus, Lesson 7: The New Covenant Foretold in the Prophets

The Davidic Covenant and kingdom did not reach its peak during Old Testament times under David, but his Son, Solomon.   The Temple is built Following the instructions that David had given Solomon, Solomon had the Temple built.  1 Kings 8 tells us of Solomon having the Ark of the Covenant brought into the new Temple.  […]

John, Lesson 12: The Hour Approaches and Jesus Concludes His Public Ministry

Jesus now approaches His final week.  We find the family of Lazarus honoring Jesus because of what He did for him.  Yet, they did not grasp the significance of the honor they gave Him and how that pointed forward to what Jesus would soon face. The Hour Approaches (12:1-36) Read John 12:1-3 –          In what […]