Isaiah 7:10-14: The Virgin Shall Be With Child

An era of maddening war when everything contends this world can only be cruel. The year is 734 BC. The Northern Kingdom of Israel and Syria allied together, shaped by […]

Isaiah 35:1-10: Our Wilderness Desolation into God’s Saving Sanctuary

The desert, a barren and harsh environment can teach us much. Its keen stillness can supply us with moments of clarity in lives too often swirling with chaos. Unforgiving sun […]

The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 4o:1-11

The moving descriptions of a foretold Messiah earned Isaiah his nickname: “The Fifth Evangelist.”  Did our Old-Testament reading for today not confirm this?  Still, what a contrast to the dispatch […]

The Gospel According to Isaiah: Isaiah 64:1-9

The poetry in Isaiah is striking.  The turns of phrase and imagery amplify and repeat.  The people are like grass, soon turning into flowers wilting in the intense, Middle-Eastern sun.  […]

From Adam to Jesus, Lesson 7: The New Covenant Foretold in the Prophets

The Davidic Covenant and kingdom did not reach its peak during Old Testament times under David, but his Son, Solomon.   The Temple is built Following the instructions that David had […]