Titus, Lesson 6: Paul’s Conclusion in His Letter to Pastor Titus

Having told Titus what he was to teach (“speak”) to various groups in the congregation at Crete, Paul now moves into what God’s salvation for us means for all Christians.   How the Christian is to live in the World Read Titus 3:1-2 “Remind them”: Remind is an imperative verb, a command. This is what […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 2: Timothy is to “wage war” against false doctrine

Last week we learned that Paul had left Timothy in Ephesus to serve as pastor there to “clean house.” God’s household, the congregation there, had come under the sway of “alien teaching.” Since Paul was writing to Pastor Timothy, Timothy, as the manager or steward of the congregation, was to deal with of that problem.   […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 7: Community, Holiness, and Covenant

In the first four chapters, when dealing with sin, Paul dealt with division in the Corinthian congregation expressed by favoring one pastor over another. In chapter 5, Paul switches subjects: he is still dealing with sin but the sin is related to the gift of sexuality. How are Christians living in Christ to live out […]