Our Life with God, Lesson 15: Evangelism, Part 3

The Evangel is the “good news” of what Jesus did and does to save us.  Evangelism is the speaking (and bringing) of what Jesus did and does to save us.  Pastors and laypersons both do this, each according to their vocations. Understanding the nature of salvation (was saved, being saved, and will be saved), one […]

2 Corinthians, Lesson 6: Life Coming in the Throes of Death

Last week, we finished with Paul and Timothy saying how all Christians (“we all”) experience God’s glory. Right now, that glory comes to us like an image that we see reflected in a mirror (2 Corinthians 3:18). This is God’s glory coming to us in an indirect way, hidden, so we do not die from […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 12: Paul’s Final Words to Timothy

Paul now finishes with his first letter to Timothy.   Personal words from Paul to Timothy as an overseer, continued  Read 1 Timothy 6:11-12 (starting on 12b) What had Timothy done “in the presence of many witnesses?”   What does “confess” mean? How does Paul describe that confession?   Why did Paul say that Timothy […]