The Parables of Jesus: Lesson 11: The Parable of the Lamp

Intro Earlier, in both Mark 4 and Luke 8, Jesus told The Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:9, Luke 8:5-8) and then explained it (Mark 4:10-20, Luke 8:9-15).  He did this to prevent a misunderstanding about “the mystery [Greek, musterion, mystery; Latin, sacramentum] of the kingdom of God” (Mark 4:11, Luke 8:10).  On the heels […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 17: Evangelism, Part 5 and Conclusion

We’ve looked at both the “yes” and the “no” of evangelism, removing misconceptions but also having Scripture point us anew when it comes to confessing Christ to others.  In this lesson, we will finish with the “yes” of evangelism, of bringing the evangel, the Word of Jesus to another.   You Can’t Fail Pr. Heath […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 16: Evangelism, Part 4

Evangelism is bringing Jesus and what He did and does to save us to another.  Someone never outgrows his need for the evangel, for salvation is more than a one-time event.  The Christian speaks Jesus to another because of who he is in Christ.  It is also what each Christian does to help gather God’s […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 15: Evangelism, Part 3

The Evangel is the “good news” of what Jesus did and does to save us.  Evangelism is the speaking (and bringing) of what Jesus did and does to save us.  Pastors and laypersons both do this, each according to their vocations. Understanding the nature of salvation (was saved, being saved, and will be saved), one […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 14: Evangelism, Part 2

Evangelism takes place within our everyday vocations.  Through Word and Sacrament, the pastor evangelizes as He brings Jesus to others and the life Jesus gives.  This is the pastor “discipling” others, as Jesus gives His pastors to do. The layperson also evangelizes in his everyday vocations.  He does this by letting his light shine on […]

Our Life with God, Lesson 13: Evangelism, Part 1

Evangel: From the Greek word euangelion, meaning “good news,” the Gospel.  Although evangel means “good news,” the evangel is more than information that happens to be good.  This “good news” has the power within it to do what it says. Romans 1:16: I am not ashamed of the gospel [euangelion], because it is God’s power […]

Acts, Lesson 18: Paul’s Second Missionary Journey, Part 2 (with Silas, Timothy, and Luke)

Paul and Silas, after being freed from prison, leave town as directed. Still on their missionary journey, they make their way to Thessalonica. Unlike Philippi, Thessalonica had a synagogue and established community of Jews, which was about 100 miles from Philippi. It had a population of about 200,000 people, was the capital of Macedonia, and […]

Evangelism, Lesson 3: Evangelism within One’s Vocations

Intro (by LC-MS pastor Charles Lehmann) It’s Saturday morning.  You’re sleeping in.  It’s the one day each week you have the option.  The doorbell rings.  You throw on your bathrobe and go down to the door.  There are two nice gentlemen standing there.  They want to talk to you about “Jesus.”  You slam the door […]

Evangelism, Lesson 2: Busting the Myths

Last week, we went over four Bible passages: Matthew 28:16-20, 1 Peter 3:14-16, Colossians 4:5-6, and Matthew 5:13-16.  Of these four passages, Jesus directed the first to the Eleven, the Apostles, who were the New Testament Church’s first pastors.  Scripture directs the other three passages to all believers and so they apply to all believers. […]

Living Out the Faith Where God Has Placed You to Serve

This is our pastor’s article for our December-January 1012/12 congregational newsletter.   Many in our culture accuse Christians of being hypocritical.  They assert that Christians talk about loving their neighbors, but then turn a blind eye to the ills around them.  Sadly, they are in many ways, correct. As Christians, we believe these words of […]