Being Fully Human: Lesson 3

In His Body, Christ Redeemed Us, Bringing Us into His Body To save us, Jesus became incarnate, which means the eternal God also became fully human by His human birth.  As both God and man, He considered it necessary to become a physical being to save us physical beings.  In His human nature, He became […]

1 Corinthians 4:1: Stewards of the Mysteries of God

When Jesus started His New-Covenant Church, fulfilling what came before, He didn’t hand out copies of the Bible and tell people to read it. Neither did He command His Apostles to do the same. He commanded them to do other things. And how God is at work through those things can be mysterious to our […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 13-14

AC XIII: The Use of the Sacraments Our churches teach that the Sacraments were instituted, not merely to be marks of profession among people, but even more, to be signs and testimonies of the God’s will toward us, intended to awaken and strengthen faith in those who use them. That is why we must use […]