Romans: Lesson 7: God’s Righteousness for Us

In Romans 3:1, Paul started focusing on the Jewish Christians’ sin of insisting on circumcision when Christ fulfilled it on the cross, then instituting His baptism.  The Jewish Christians’ insistence reveals that a works righteousness had taken hold of them.  They saw circumcision as their work for God (viewed from an Old-Covenant template) instead of […]

God’s Purpose for Your Life

Within today’s church, it’s a peculiarity of our self-focused culture and age to wonder “What is God’s purpose for my life?”  Now, that’s not a wrong sentiment in itself.  But it is seeking something from God with which many Christians did not earlier concern themselves.  For long before it became a trend to wonder about […]

How to Seek God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness: Matthew 6:24-34

If a father loves fishing, he teaches his son how to fish.  If a mother loves quilting, she teaches her daughter how to quilt.  What you love, you talk about and do.  That’s just obvious.  What you love, you pass on to your children, because you love them.  You want them to love what you […]