1 Kings 19:11-21: God humbles Himself, bringing life, not death

Who here has never been burnt out? Who has never felt emptied of strength, energy, and motivation? It could be overwork and “underplay.” It could be one stress after another, […]

Mark 1:29-39: Why Jesus Came

Imagine if we had a Jesus in Kimberling City.  Imagine that!  What if we had a Jesus who would open His door each day, so people could see Him for […]

God’s Purpose for Your Life

Within today’s church, it’s a peculiarity of our self-focused culture and age to wonder “What is God’s purpose for my life?”  Now, that’s not a wrong sentiment in itself.  But […]

What are we to do as a congregation?

What are We to Do? By Pr. Rich Futrell Every Christian congregation has a worship service (if not, it’s not a “church”).  Usually, there’s also some Bible study.  Congregations also […]