Acts, Lesson 24: Paul Makes His Way to Jerusalem, Despite the Troubles that Await

Paul is still on his third missionary journey, having met with pastors from Ephesus in Miletus. He and his traveling contingent now press on toward Jerusalem.   A short stay in Tyre Read Acts 21:1-6 In this section, we find Luke doing what he had earlier done in the book of Acts: he speeds up […]

Didache, Lesson 15: Apostles and Prophets, Pt. 2

Prophets In the last lesson, we saw the Didache link the Apostles to Jesus (11:4.)  But today, we will see the Didache link prophets to the Holy Spirit.   Although, at first, this seems a hair-splitting distinction, it simply shows the worldview of those who put together the Didache.  It shows that the Apostles were directly […]

The Didache, Lesson 14, The Apostles and Prophets, Part 1

Lesson 14: (Chapter 11:1-6) After going over the epicenter of the New Covenant, the Lord’s Supper, the Didache, tackles a most-practical issue in its day.  It deals with those who would visit, claiming to be an apostle, prophet, or pastor (remember this was still early enough when the Apostles were still alive).  Knowing the Truth […]