Review of The Apocrypha: The Lutheran Edition with Notes

No Longer Missing In Action: The Apocrypha, The Lutheran Edition By Pr. Rich Futrell In 397 AD, at Carthage (today in Tunisia), the Church gathered to resolve an issue: what books being read in the Church are Scripture?  Throughout the New Testament Church’s history, there was never complete unanimity on what books made up the […]

The Apocrypha, Early Church Councils, and Martin Luther

The Apocrypha, Early Church Fathers and Councils, and Martin Luther Lesson 3 By Pr. Rich Futrell Jan 16, 2011 Recap Last week, we learned that the Apostolic Fathers quoted and referenced the Apocrypha, without distinction, in the same way they did the others part of the Old Testament.   Hagiographa/Kethuvim To understand the distinction in […]