Luke 10:25-37: Inherit Eternal Life?

Love God and love your neighbor. What could be simpler? You can condense the entire Law of God in one word: Love. Is God’s Law that simple? Not when the lawyers are done! A lawyer, an expert in the Torah, came up to Jesus to test Him. That was his first mistake. Test Jesus, and […]

Deuteronomy 18:15-19: Jesus, the Greater Moses

The Ten Commandments always hammer home the same truth.  God gave His “Words,” which is what the Hebrew of the Old Testament calls them, at Mt. Sinai, described in Exodus 20.  God carved His words on a stone tablet for His people, Israel.  The event filled God’s people with fear: Thunder boomed, lightning cracked, and […]

The Ten Words: Exodus 20:1-17

If you remember your confirmation instruction, you may remember the three purposes of God’s Law.  God’s Law serves as a curb, a mirror, and a guide.  The curbing part of the Law helps restrain our sinful behavior.  The mirror of the Law shows us that we can’t fully do what God expects of us.  The […]