2 Corinthians, Lesson 20: Conclusion

Having announced his planned visit to Corinth for a third visit, Paul decision to go there remains firm.   Paul Remains Ready Read 2 Corinthians 13:1 “by the evidence”: Paul retained Deuteronomy’s “by the mouth” (in both the Masoretic Text and Septuagint). Paul will connect the idea of what comes out of the mouth (speech) […]

2 Corinthians, Lesson 18: Weak that Christ May be Strong

Paul and Timothy are dealing with the disruption caused by false apostles in the Church at Corinth. As a review, we know little about these “false apostles.” Here is what we do know. They: were ethnically Jewish (11:22); brought letters of recommendation for themselves, which they used to sanction what they were doing (3:1); preached […]