Mark: 10:2-16: The Disaster of Divorce, the Blessedness of Being a Bride

“Did God say?” So, the serpent slunk into Eve’s ear. Isn’t this the original seed of uncertainty and distrust Satan plants in us before he contradicts something God says? Today, the Evil One still succeeds in further seducing us, continuing the ruination of losing God’s image. Should we find ourselves surprised when others doubt and […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 10: Remaining with God Wherever You Are

We still find ourselves within a flow of thought that takes place within a chiasm: A 7:1-16 Sex relating to those who are or have been married .     B 7:17-24 Being content in your callings A’ 7:25-40 Sex relating to those not now married The main point Paul is making is to be content where […]