Matthew 2:1-12: The Fragile World of Herod and the Wise Men

This morning, we celebrate Epiphany. Into our ears, Matthew paints a palette, vibrant in hue, an intricate tapestry woven together in a sacred narrative. Within a rich text, he shows […]

Matthew 2:1-12: Where is the One Born King of the Jews?

About 1,000 years before the birth of Christ, the Queen of Sheba journeys to visit the King of the Jews. She travels from what today is Ethiopia. The Queen arrives […]

Matthew 2:1-12: The Magi Needed the Gospel Word

The star didn’t live up to its expectation.  Oh, the star did alert the wise men, the Magi, that a new Jewish king was born.  But it only led them, […]


Intro Epiphany is God showing us His Son, Jesus–not just for the Jews–but as the Savior of the whole world.  And so Epiphany becomes the Gentiles’ Christmas.  Epiphany is God […]